January 8, 2016

Atticus Report EP 001: Music Diplomacy in Southern Africa

In the pilot episode of The Atticus Report, hosts Rick Busby and Stephen Doster visit with songwriter and retired U.S. diplomat Greg Engle about the U.S. State Department’s Arts Envoy Program. Stephen and Greg recount their two trips to Southern Africa as musical ambassadors and how their first visit inspired Stephen to co-found Guitars for Swaziland, a not for profit organization in Austin, Texas that helps to get musical instruments to AIDS orphans in Swaziland. Also on the episode, Paul Simon’s “Graceland” gets inducted into the Music That’s Good For Something Hall of Fame for its part in bringing attention to apartheid in South Africa.

Music Featured in the episode includes exclusive live performances by musicians in Lesotho, recorded by Atticus Report co-host Stephen Doster in the summer of 2015. Also featured in the episode are edited selections by Greg Engle, Stephen Doster, Johnny Clegg and Paul Simon.

To purchase the music of Greg Engle or Stephen Doster featured in the episode, visit www.dbmentertainment.com.

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The Atticus Report is a podcast about music that’s good for something. Hosted by Austin, Texas-based songwriter-producers, Rick Busby and Stephen Doster, The Atticus Report spotlights famous and unheralded music from around the world that not only entertains, but also educates, enlightens or inspires social action and personal transformation.

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