About The Atticus Report

atticus-report-square-logoThe Atticus Report surveys the world in search of music that’s good for something. Co-hosted by Austin-based musician-producers Rick Busby and Stephen Doster, each episode of The Atticus Report tells stories of music from around the world and the musicians who make it. In telling the stories of musicians and songwriters, both known and unknown, from around the world, The Atticus Report strives to highlight music that inspires positive engagement and interaction in the world from wherever on the globe it originates, whether from the past or happening right now.

For everyone at The Atticus Report, “music that’s good for something” is music that connects with the listener and inspires positive, creative action in their lives and in the world. It is music that not only entertains, yet also inspires minds to be open to change, to strive for some greater expression from their own soul, and to do what is theirs to do to leave the world in a better place for their having been in it.

Each episode of The Atticus Report, mixes commentary from co-hosts Rick Busby and Stephen Doster, interview segments with songwriters, musicians and other witnesses to the music and, of course, the music itself.

Produced by Atticus Records, The Atticus Report is expected to be a monthly show during the first year of production with a plan to double the production in year two.